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Gym Equipments

ASD Fit has been a life saving service both physically and social emotionally for my son. My son lost his dad unexpectedly and had given up wanting to engage in any physical activities that he and his dad used to do together. As a result he gained a lot of weight and ended up with a diabetes diagnosis. As a parent, I was desperate to find someone or something that would help to motivate Zachery, get him on the road to better health, and just as importantly lift his spirits. A family member saw a Facebook post from ASD Fit and shared it with me. One email later and I knew that I had found exactly what I was looking for to help Zachery. ASD Fit literally brought back his zest for life, helped him lose weight, improved his overall health, and helped him make social connections with an amazing group of members and coaches. I am just so incredibly grateful to and for the coaches at ASD Fit and what they have all done for Zachery. He has found a place where he can not only be himself but has also become a part of a community filled with some of the most incredible people.

- Zach's mom

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